1. What is the difference between relationship coaching and counseling or therapy?

In relationship coaching the focus is meeting the couple where they are at and typically in counseling or therapy there is a lot of time spent on the back story and childhood wounds. There may be many sessions that are focused on getting to know the individuals and possibly diagnosis given. In coaching we can jump right in and start coming up with a plan to help you meet your goals. We provide coaching for each individual in the relationship so that you can develop conflict resolution skills, set boundaries, communicate effectively and develop interpersonal skills to improve your relationship.  The goal is to equip you to not need to rely on a coach in the future and to be able to resolve conflicts with the skills you learn. 

2. What can I do if my partner doesn’t want to be coached?

We believe that when one person changes the relationship changes. If you start doing things differently it will have an impact on your relationship. You can start coaching with our without your partner and you can learn communication skills, conflict resolution skills and other strategies that can improve your relationship. If you know how to better show up with your partner it will have a positive impact on your relationship. You will develop more awareness of your needs and your partner's needs and be able to make better informed decisions in regard to your relationship. 

3. Do we need to commit to a certain number of relationship coaching sessions? 

We recommend committing to at least 6 session because this will allow you to give the coaching an opportunity to make a difference and you will be able to assess if it is helping you. We believe that when you make a commitment you are also more invested in growth and results will follow as a result. 

4. How many relationship coaching sessions do we need?

As your coaches we will assess how many coaching sessions we believe you will need based on an assessment. Every couple is different. You can commit to as many sessions as you would like. 

5. How long is each relationship coaching sessions?

Each coaching session is 50-60 minutes. We aim for 50 minutes but understand that sometimes we may need more time in a session. There may be times we may decide to go longer to not disrupt the session or a breakthrough. 

6. How often will we meet our relationship coach?

Typically couples or individuals meet weekly but some opt to meet more regularly or even less regularly like twice a month. 


7. Where do you meet?

We meet at our home office but also provide coaching sessions via Zoom, Skype or Face Time. 

8. What if I don’t live in Sacramento CA?

We offer coaching sessions online and to the surrounding area. 

9. What happens once I submit an inquiry?

We will contact you within 24-48 hours to set up an free 30 minutes session. 

10. What is the price of the relationship coaching program?

We have a sliding scale and allow you to decide within that scale based on your knowledge or your finances. 

11. What are my payment options?

We accept cash, check, credit cards, debit cards, Paypal and Venmo.